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Copyright Information

If you are hoping to use any of my intellectual property, either images or text, please first read through my standard conditions.

Then you may ask me whether I will allow you to use any of my property. If you think your case somehow exceptional tell me and I may consider doing something for you (this is usually only for charities or educational establishments). Write to me at web@raphaelk.co.uk 

1) The pictures, text or any other intellectual property may not be altered in any way without express permission.

2) Copyright must be acknowledged and duly referenced whenever the pictures, text or any other intellectual property is used. With Raphael Kessler as copyright holder and references to www.raphaelkessler.com in the bibliography as well as where the picture/s appear.

3) The pictures, text or any other intellectual property may not be distributed, marketed, sold or published in any format or media without further express permission from the copyright holder.

4) If the pictures or intellectual property are to be used for distribution where an economic benefit is received, an appropriate remuneration must be agreed with the copyright holder and payment received before consent will be given to have the property used. In addition, a copy of the publication where the property is used must be sent to the copyright holder.



All the images and text on this website are the copyright sole property of Raphael Kessler and cannot be copied or reproduced without his express permission. 
If you want to use any of his intellectual material please contact him via the link above