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Isle of Wight


We took a ferry from Portsmouth to the the Isle of Wight in October 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact it was out of season, there were not many folk around which made it a much nicer time to visit, irrespective of the changeable weather.

  • (c) Raphael Kessler 2020 - Isle of Wight Ferry - Portsmouth
  • (c) Raphael Kessler 2020 - Isle of Wight Ferry - Portsmouth Port


The famous coloured sand at Alum bay is complemented by the view out to the Needles.

Osbourne House was a favourite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their family.


The views along the coast from Compton Beach are rather lovely, as the surf laps against the cliffs.


St. Catherine's Oratory looks like a thirteenth century rocket ready to take off from the field. The views across the island from there are exceptional. One can see most of the south of the island and to the north, across the Solent to Portsmouth.



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