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Fifty Things I Would Like To Do Soon


This is my listings of the first 50 places and things I want to do, preferably soon. Some of them are quite vague, because I haven't done them, I don't necessarily know a lot about them.

It goes without saying that this list is far from exhaustive. The order started in alphabetical order by thing, so as not to be biased. Things got changed about a bit, as some bits got done though.

1 Abu Simbel Egypt
2 Afghanistan Afghanistan
3 Alaska USA
4 Alexandria Egypt
5 Antarctica Antarctica
6 Aurora Australis Southern Places
7 Farne Islands England
8 Axum Ethiopia
9 Babylon Iraq
10 Banaue Rice Terraces Phillipines
11 Bay of Fundy Canada
12 Bhutan Bhutan
13 Borneo Malaysia
14 See the curvature of the earth Space
15 Catacombs of Kom-El-Shaqafa Egypt
16 Ciudad Perdida Colombia
17 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
18 Falkland Islands Falkland Islands
19 Galicia Spain
20 Hawaii USA
21 Hindu Kush Afghanistan
22 Ice Hotel Sweden
23 Iceland Iceland
24 Kyoto Japan
25 Lahore Pakistan
26 Libya Libya
27 Madagascar Madagascar
28 Maldives Maldives
29 Migration of the Wildebeest Kenya / Tanzania
30 Montserrat Montserrat
31 Monument Valley USA
32 Mount Fuji Japan
33 Northern Red Sea Egypt
34 Orca Diving Norway
35 See a big march past North Korea
36 Painted Desert USA
37 Palau Micronesia
38 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
39 Port au Prince Haiti
40 Samarkand Uzbekistan
41 Sardine Run South Africa
42 Scapa Flow Scotland
43 Highlands and Islands Scotland
44 Sikkim India
45 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
46 Sulawesi Indonesia
47 Three Gorges Dam China
48 Truk Lagoon Micronesia
49 Yellowstone National Park USA
50 Yemen Yemen



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