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The Seventy Architectural Wonders of the World


This is a listing of the world's seventy architectural wonders. According to some bloke who thinks he knows architecture so wrote a book on the subject. 

If the country has a link to it, it means I have visited it, so there will be a page that may even have some pictures of that wonder. Obviously if it is ticked, I have visited / seen it. 

So far 54 out of 70.


1 Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Japan
2 Alhambra Spain
3 Brooklyn Bridge USA
4 Canadian Pacific Railway Canada
5 Channel Tunnel England / France
6 Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut France
7 Chartres Cathedral France
8 CN Tower Canada
9 Crystal Palace England 
10 Dutch Sea Barrier Netherlands
11 Eiffel Tower France
12 Empire State Building USA
13 Escorial Spain
14 Forbidden City China
15 Forth Rail Bridge England 
16 Gateway Arch USA
17 Golden Gate Bridge USA
18 Great Belt Denmark
19 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spain
20 Guggenheim Museum, New York USA
21 Hagia Sophia Turkey
22 Hongkong and Shanghai Bank China
23 Hoover Dam USA
24 Iron Bridge, Coalbrookdale England 
25 Itaipu Dam Brazil
26 Jungfrau Rail System Germany
27 Kansai Airport Japan
28 King's College Chapel England 
29 Kremlin Russia
30 La Cuesta Encantada: Hearst's Castle USA
31 Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
32 London Eye England 
33 Louisiana Superdome USA
34 Moscow Underground Russia
35 Mosque of Selim II, Edirne Turkey
36 Mount Rushmore USA
37 Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
38 New York-New York Hotel USA
39 Opera, Paris France
40 Panama Canal Panama
41 Pantheon, Paris France
42 Pentagon USA
43 Petronas Towers Malaysia
44 Pompidou Centre France
45 Potala Palace Tibet
46 Sagrada Familia Spain
47 Schloss Schonbrunn Germany
48 Sears Tower USA
49 Seikan Tunnel Japan
50 St Mark's Cathedral Italy
51 St Paul's Cathedral England 
52 St Peter's Basilica Vatican City
53 Statue of Christ Redeemer Brazil
54 Statue of Liberty USA
55 Suez Canal Egypt
56 Sydney Opera House Australia
57 Taj Mahal India
58 Temple at Tanjavur India
59 Temple of Byodo-in Japan
60 Thames Tunnel England 
61 The Erie Canal USA
62 The Houses of Parliament England 
63 The Washington Monument USA
64 Three Gorges Dam China
65 Topkapi Turkey
66 Versailles France
67 Viceroy's House, New Delhi India
68 Walt Disney World USA
69 Winter Palace China
70 World Trade Center USA



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