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Packing List


Here is a suggested packing list for the average backpacker. Obviously the requirements differ from person to person and also depending on where you are going. To be honest if you don't know what to take, perhaps you should stay at home.

Plenty of film / several memory cards


Wide brimmed compactable hat


Travel Wash

Small Nailbrush (good for cleaning cuts etc. + nails)

Hanging toilet bag

Normal toilet bag

Medical kit (including Imodium, paracetamol, syringes, etc.)

Sun creams 25, 16, 8

Anti-malarial prophylaxis

Regional travel guide

Reading material / nothing scandalous

Water bottle (e.g. Sigg)

Water purification treatment

Small sewing kit

ISIC card or something that says you are a student

Mosquito repellant - DEET

Small torch (maglite is good, head strap is useful)

Batteries (for all different equipment)

Passport photos

Universal sink plug

Swiss army knife

Travel alarm clock



Clip money belt

Ziploc Freezer bags


Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag (small) (3 season +15 - -10 )

Decent walking boots (hard sole e.g. Vibram)

Decent sandals e.g. Merrell not Nike etc.


Deck of cards

Small notepad


Decent walking Socks



Trousers (Convertible ones are good, where the legs unzip to make shorts)

T-Shirts (cotton)

Swimming costume

Casual shirt or other loose top

Lightweight Fleece jacket

Lightweight Waterproof jacket

Thermal underwear (if going to particularly cold or high places)

Fleece Gloves

Warm hat

Daypack - aprox 35 litre (so can use for short treks)

Backpack - 65 litre+ (suitcase style-not top loading)

Decent toilet paper (it'll be the last for a while)

Waterproof watch with glass face (DEET melts plastic)

General toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush)

Small hairbrush

Doorstop (prevents unwanted visitors, if no lock on door)

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